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A New Category Of Off-Road Excitement

Traxxas sets the standard for power, performance and innovation. Now, for the first time, all the speed, quality and capability you expect from Traxxas is available in 1/16 scale with the new 1/16 E-Revo VXL. At 14 inches long, E-Revo VXL is about half the size of the 1/10-scale E-Revo. But don't call it a "mini"—this is a whole new category of R/C performance and fun that no mere mini-model can match. Beneath the factory-finished polycarbonate shell, you'll find the winning suspension technology of the seven-time National Champion Traxxas Revo®, screaming Velineon® brushless-motor power, and the convention-busting innovation of the E-Revo.

NEW E REVO 1/16 ONLY AT $299.99
Call: 201-991-0033
Install the R/C HERO™ on Slash and all your favorite Traxxas vehicles!*
Ever wondered what it would be like to see the view from behind the wheel of your R/C car, plane, or boat? With the GoPro R/C HERO, you can! This miniature, waterproof, shockproof camera is built for all types of radio control action, and mounts easily using the supplied self-adhesive mounting plates and quick-release brackets to capture a driver's-seat view from your favorite R/C machine.

CALL -201-991-0033
                                                                              With its waterproof polycarbonate                                                                                     housing, GoPro R/C HERO is perfect                                                                                for the Slash and Traxxas' other                                                                                         waterproof models. The camera is as                                                                                tough as your Traxxas truck, so you can                                                                            jump, bump and crash all you like and                                                                               capture it on video. R/C HERO is built                                                                               tough to handle high-performance driving in any terrain. It's the same camera Team Traxxas
uses in their full-size Pro 2WD and Pro 4WD
short-course racing trucks!  Aim it over the hood
for a driver's perspective—or over the rear bumper
to see who’s chasing you. Adjustable brackets
and self-adhesive bases let you set the camera
angle in your car or truck. R/C HERO is also ideal
for capturing wave-jumping action with the Traxxas Villain boat; GoPro’s waterproof housing protects the camera even if submerged. You can even fly with R/C HERO. Mount the camera                                                                             in the cockpit or under the fuselage; the                                                                             camera's 'upside down' mode flips the                                                                                 recorded image for installations that                                                                                   require the camera to be mounted                                                                                     upside down. R/C HERO is also                                                                                        perfect for full-size action in your car,                                                                                 on your motorcycle helmet, or                                                                                            wherever your action sports take you.