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Thunder Tiger
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These limited edition red, white and blue beauties not only look good, they deliver the ground-pounding power and torque that you have come to expect from a Team Associated MGT!

At the heart of the MGT 4.60 SE beats the AE 4.60 engine which has increased displacement of 33%, making the MGT 4.60 SE deliver more horsepower and stump-pulling torque! The rugged extruded aluminum chassis, oil filled shocks, and huge mounted all-terrain tires give the MGT 4.60 SE over 4 inches of ground clearance, letting you take that power over almost any obstacle. Now available for a limited time with a flag body design!

INCLUDES: One Nitro TC3 RTR Plus
         One 2ch Jaguar pistol grip radio with two S1903 servos.
         Instruction manuals for vehicle, radio, and transmission.
         Allen wrench set (ASCR1550)
         Camber/Toe-in gauge (ASCC1719)
         Molded Tool set (ASCR6956)
         Rechargeable Thunder Tiger glow igniter
         Factory team fuel bottle

REQUIRES: Twelve AA size batteries
         Fuel with at least 16% lubricant content and 5-15% nitromethane
         Building and field equipment

INCLUDES: One B44 4WD buggy kit with oil-filled shocks, clear body, tires, foam
           inserts, wheels, titanium turnbuckles, Factory Team parts and
           photo-illustrated manual

REQUIRES: Radio: 2ch with one servo
         Radio Batteries: (8) AA size
         Pinion Gear: number of teeth to be determined by motor
         Motor: Stock or modified of modeler's choice
         Electronic Speed Control: Compatible with selected motor
         Battery: 6-cell saddle configuration
         Charger: AC/DC charger timed or peak for 6-cell battery

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